Who Can Help?

The Scottish Geodiversity Forum is keen to support other organisations in promoting Scotland’s geodiversity. Through our 200+ individual members and partner organisations, we are very willing to help anyone who has a question about geodiversity or wants assistance with a project or event. Please get in touch, you can use the form at the foot of this page.

The Forum manages the scottishgeology.com website. This is a good source of basic information with links to further resources. We publicise news items and events of general interest there, and are very happy to post any information you send us.

geodiversity Organisations in scotland

Government organisations

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the British Geological Survey (BGS) both have professional earth scientists based in Scotland who are very keen to support projects and offer advice. Follow the links for further information and contacts.

GeoConservation UK (GCUK) & Local Geoconservation Groups

GeoConservationUK (GCUK) has a membership of over 50 Local Geoconservation Groups across the British Isles. GCUK exists to promote local geosites for education and public benefit and works towards a British Isles perspective, focusing on the common purposes and issues of local interest to Groups. About 10 groups are members of both GCUK and the Scottish Geodiversity Forum. Many of them publish local information and take part in local events, and all are happy to offer advice and help with local projects. Find out more …


There are three Geoparks in Scotland – Shetland, North West Highlands and Lochaber. All of them have lots of information and enthusiasm for their local geodiversity. Follow these links to find out more …
Geopark Shetland

Northwest Highlands Geopark

Lochaber Geopark

School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh

With over 400 academics, researchers and research students, the School of GeoSciences is the largest grouping of geoscientists in the UK. Our expertise covers a range of fields including Earth’s geology, atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, cryosphere and society. We are happy to offer help and advice if we can. Contact Kate Saunders for more information.

Contact the Forum …

Use this form for any general enquiries about Scotland’s geodiversity. We’ll try to answer or send your enquiry on to someone who can.