Case Studies

These case studies illustrate how individuals and organisations are working to maintain and celebrate Scotland’s geodiversity,  and support Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter.

A: Individuals and communities
Witch Craig Wall LGS
Geopark Shetland continues to build on Global Geopark status

Lochaber Geopark
Partnership working with local communities to develop geological trails
The Bedrock Walk – a journey through geological time

B: Land owners and NGOs
Logie Burn
Lang Craigs SSSI, nr Dumbarton
Scottish Wildlife Trust Geodiversity Policy

C: Developers, industry & business sector
Machrihanish Golf Course
Craigleith Quarry LGS
Ravelrig Quarry, Kirknewton
Recording a temporary section through tills at Boyne Quarry GCR site, Banffshire

D: Local authorities, public agencies and government departments
East Dunbartonshire Geodiversity Audit (2010)
Edinburgh Local Biodiversity Action Plan (2010-2015)
Inverarnie Esker Trail, Strath Nairn
The Fossil Grove, Glasgow
Flood control, Braid Burn, Edinburgh
A Geodiversity Audit of the City of Glasgow
Refreshed interpretive facility at Knockan Crag NNR
Geoconservation management plan at Rouken Glen, Giffnock

E: Education and research sector
Seabed geodiversity, Loch Broom and the Summer Isles
Moniaive GeoDial
Palynological study of the peat deposits in the Clyde-Muirshiel Regional Park
Scottish Earth Science Education Forum (SESEF)
Higher Geology Student Conference & Parliamentary Reception